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Engaging Our Foreign Workers


We have rich experience in providing manpower to the Manufacturing, Construction, Service and other industries.

Since 2008, We have supplied thousands of foreign workers for more than 500 companies in Singapore.

Mainly from Myanmar, Vietnam, India & China.

These categories include Skilled, Unskilled and Labour Staffs.

Types of Passes: Work Permit & SPASS
  • General Worker
  • Restaurant Server
  • Driver
  • Contractor
  • Cook
  • Cashier
  • Retail Personnel
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Packers /Operators
  • Admin
  • Customer Service
  • Welder
  • And Many More...

We provide the following services

  • Skilled/unskilled workers of any particular nature from India, Myanmar,Vietnam and China.
  • Arranging for interviews.
  • Ensuring the qualification of the employee and sending relevant certificates such as educational, training, experience etc.
  • MOM Work Permit application
  • Medical check-up in native country before arrival.
  • Meet the workers at check points upon arrival
  • Medical check up in Singapore upon arrival
  • CSOC 
  • Certificate Translation
  • Thumbprinting.
  • Counselling
  • Locate Accomodation/Lodging near company
  • Renewal and Cancellation of Work Permit
  • Purchase of security bond,MI and WICI
  • Repatriation of Workers and provide replacement
  • Purchasing air ticket service

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